Odyssey (Greatest Hits Deluxe Edition)

Odyssey (greatest Hits Deluxe Edt) Ingrandisci


Take That



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TAKE THAT - Odyssey (Greatest Hits Deluxe Edt.) 

CD 1

1. Greatest Day (Odyssey Mix)
2. It Only Takes A Minute (Odyssey Mix)
3. These Days (Odyssey Mix)
4. Could It Be Magic (Odyssey Version)
5. Everything Changes (Odyssey Version)
6. Travel Interlude
7. Out Of Our Heads
8. A Million Love Songs (Odyssey Mix)
9. Sure (Odyssey Mix)
10. Love Aint Here Any More - featuring Boyz II Men (Odyssey Version)
11. Spin
12. Cry (Odyssey Mix)
13. Said It All (Odyssey Mix)
14. How Deep Is Your Love - featuring Barry Gibb (Odyssey Version)

CD 2
15. Let's Do It Again Interlude
16. Patience (Odyssey Mix)
17. The Flood (Odyssey Mix)
18. Back For Good (Odyssey Mix)
19. Get Ready For It (Odyssey Alt Intro)
20. Everlasting
21. Giants (Odyssey Mix)
22. Shine (Odyssey Alt Intro)
23. Never Forget (Odyssey Version)
24. Relight My Fire featuring Lulu (Odyssey Version)
25. Babe (Odyssey Version)
26. Pray (Odyssey Version)
27. Rule The World - (Odyssey Version)


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